Nature’s power

Nature’s power

There is a tree in the park near my grandmother’s house in Ireland. Whenever I walk by I always stop to spend some time with it and to admire its beauty – it draws me in.

We are surrounded by spirit; trees, rocks, animals, the river and the wind are all vibrating at various frequencies. Some places have more concentrated power centres and each of us may respond differently to the elements.

Do you have a favourite place where you feel completely connected and at peace? If not here is an exercise to help you find that special place:

Go to a place where you have plenty of room, perhaps in a park or somewhere outdoors. If not possible then try to work with the space that you have. Sit down and close your eyes, try to get a sense of your own body and of the earth around you. Ask to be guided to your nearest power spot. You may have a visual sense of a brighter energy in a certain location or you could suddenly have the urge to walk in a particular direction. Whatever comes, trust and act on it. 

When you get there, sit down and repeat the exercise. You may receive additional information that will take you elsewhere or you may feel a sense that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

Once you’ve found it, with your eyes closed, notice how you feel in this place, and ask how you can benefit from being here. Sit quietly and see what comes.

The benefit of having a power spot or special place where you can meditate in nature is that your capacity to naturally balance and heal yourself is increased. Raising your own frequency level intensifies your feelings, allowing for inspiration or emotional release.

Take some time to communicate and to listen to nature – you might be surprised at the messages you receive.