Clearing your unconscious mind

Clearing your unconscious mind

How do you clear your unconscious mind?

Meditation opens the door to the unconscious mind to bring the unfinished business back to the surface so it can be dealt with or released. The ego can make excuses and will try to convince you to leave that ‘stuff’ alone. Having a regular meditation practice, even for a few minutes a day, helps to settle the conscious mind and allows the subconscious and unconscious mind to reveal the stuff (stories or karmic patterns) to be released, which ultimately brings more lightness to your being.

Releasing emotional baggage

I believe you can store emotions from your experiences anywhere in your body, including your organs. Emotional storage gets built up over time from smaller experiences, or they can get trapped due to a major traumatic event. If you don’t have a way to process your emotions, they can often turn into physical pain or disease.

Reflection: What kind of physical symptoms do you experience in your body when you feel stressed?

Be good to your body

Whether you are on a yogic path or not, it’s necessary to pay attention to the state of your physical body and what you are offering it in the form of food, water, exercise and rest. Learn more about the layers of self (5 koshas), starting with the physical body.

Having a healthy body as a foundation supports you in going deeper into exploring additional layers of yourself through meditation.

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