Envision your life as you want it to be

Envision your life as you want it to be

When you look at your life as it is today, do you feel satisfied? If not, what do you think will make life better? Chances are your wants and desires have changed through adulthood. Your life looks nothing like how you envisioned when you were a kid – that may not be a bad thing! You have the power to recreate yourself and your life at any moment. The key is to understand your intentions, to line up your energy, then take action steps to make it happen.

You have the power to recreate your life

Creating a vision board is a powerful way to put your dreams onto paper which serves as inspiration for the days and months ahead. Today I’m gathering with a group of friends for lunch and a vision board party at my house! About 10 years ago I created my first vision board that was filled with images of beautiful beaches, lush jungles, airplanes and healthy food. This was at a time in my life when I was working way too much and feeling the effects of stress in my body. I wasn’t very happy.

When looking at my vision board it was important to notice the feelings I had and my beliefs around the possibility of my dreams coming true. For example if I was looking at the images and feeling that I would never get to visit those places and it was all just a pipe dream, then chances are I would never have gone to places like Fiji, India, Malaysia and Indonesia, because of my limiting beliefs.

However, when I was viewing my board, it was always with feelings of happiness and excitement and an eagerness that visiting these places was just around the corner. At the time I had no idea how I would get there or when it would happen. I could imagine myself on the beach, I could smell the salty sea air, and I could feel the humidity of the lush rainforest.

Appreciate what is

When I look back over different periods of my life I have an immense feeling of gratitude for all experiences, as they have taught me valuable lessons – especially the challenging times. It can be hard to see the silver lining when you are in the midst of a difficult period in your life.

Even in moments of darkness and negativity there is always an opportunity to appreciate something. Looking back, had I not experienced my previous situation of being overworked and feeling stressed and disconnected from myself I would not have had a place of contrast for the good things in life, such as freedom to travel and time away to reconnect. Having a vision of what you want, while appreciating what you already have, helps the good energy to flow towards you.

Align yourself with the source

I’m an action-oriented person and I have challenges giving up control and waiting for the allowing part to happen. The allowance is making space for a greater force of creation to enter. This force is beyond our human capabilities. When you align yourself with these positive forces, or the source of creation, you will come to realize that a greater power exists and that you cannot control all of the details in your life. Whether you call it God, or Source, or the Divine, or something else, is up to you. I think of this force as an infinite presence that exists all around me, within nature and within myself.

As you are visualizing and taking steps towards fulfilling your desires, try not to get hung up on exactly how or when you will get there. You may have a solid plan, however the forces of creation may have something else in mind for you. There may be other lessons for you to learn on your journey. The lessons you need to learn are often presented to you in your everyday experience.

Planning every detail of life is not possible. It’s so much more fun to go with the flow of life anyway. Hold a vision in mind of what you desire and be open to a variety of ways in which you will arrive.

Exercise: Set Your Intention with a Vision Board

Creating a vision board is a way to put your intentions onto paper. It’s an activity you can do alone or with a group of friends. The vision board is meant to serve as an inspiration, to guide you towards what your heart deeply desires.

  1. Whether you are doing this activity solo, or with friends, you will need to gather some supplies such as; old magazines or newspapers, scissors, glue, tape, cardboard or bristol board, markers, stickers and possibly string or glitter – whatever crafts you have on hand.
  2. Begin to leaf through the magazines and cut out images and words that resonate with you, things that make you feel happy. Don’t worry about what the final vision board will look like at this time – it’s a creative process.
  3. Once you feel you have enough content, you then begin to layout the images and words on your board. Maybe you want to write a key statement or message in the centre – something that you want to bring into your life? Write this message as if it’s already here, not in the future tense.
  4. Continue to organize and create your board by gluing or taping the magazine cuttings and adding whatever creative flair you like – there is no wrong way to do this. Take as long as you need until you feel your board is complete.
  5. If you’re in a group, it’s nice to share your board once everyone has finished (if you feel comfortable). You can talk about the primary theme or why you chose certain images.
  6. Place your vision board somewhere prominent, where you will see it every day. Spend a few moments with it each day taking it in visually and observing the feelings that arise.

When you view your newly created vision board, imagine that everything on there is already here and now. By going through this feeling and vision process, you might be surprised at what starts showing up in your life. The items on your board may not manifest exactly the way you have anticipated, nor is the timing fixed. Be open to possibility and trust in the power of your intention.