Love is the center of life

Love is the center of life

What do most people want more than anything else in the world?

If you examine the research about this question, you will find a number of answers, including happiness, peace, trust, appreciation, freedom, money, etc. But the most fundamental of all is love.

Love is the center of life.

Most poetry is created in the name of love, most music, art and film. “God is love,” “Love conquers all,” and so on. All great mystical teachers have extolled the importance of love. All the great saints have loved God and loved humanity. The Buddha did not speak about love, but one of his most famous statements is that he would keep coming back again and again until every human being is liberated. Is this not love?

The purpose of life is to facilitate expansion of available consciousness to its fullest potential. This expansion eventually takes us to a state of lightness and joy, where the subtle body is pure, simple and refined, where there is no longer any separation between the heart and the mind – they are one, with the heart as the field of action for the mind and vice versa.

This integrated, holistic state of being is known as Yoga. All the practices of Yoga are designed to bring about this state of oneness, or unity with the Source of all existence. In mystical or religious terms, this Source of all existence is given the name God or divinity. In science, it is called the absolute, ultimate reality or original state of existence. It is the base on which everything exists, the substratum of the existence of the universe.

Reference (quoted from): Heartfulness magazine