Navigating unknown territory

Navigating unknown territory

When I embarked upon my first trip to India in 2008, my friends and family were mostly supportive, but not everyone was at the time. Maybe I was going through an early mid-life crisis at thirty-three years of age. I was feeling restless and didn’t really know why.

Looking back I realize now that deep down I wasn’t feeling completely happy then, despite all appearances of a good life. Little did I know how much my decision to go there would change my life. I was going to India to learn more about yoga and to become certified as a teacher so that I could embark upon a new career when I returned. I was excited to travel more long-term as I had quit my job to explore a new country and culture.

I have always loved traveling yet had only managed to vacation for a couple of weeks at a time; six weeks was a luxury. I didn’t realize the extent of my life changes until now. The further away I went from home and the longer I traveled, the more I journeyed within. The more people I met from different cultures, the more I learned about myself and about what I was really seeking: a deeper connection to myself.

As I was reading through my old journal entries, I discovered I had intended to write a book a long time ago:

– June 14, 2002 – Planting the first seed

If I’m ever to write a book I suppose I will have to organize my thoughts into some sort of a story so people can actually understand the ramblings of my mind!

I wasn’t really surprised when I came across the above journal entry written almost fifteen years before. Rather it was a silent acknowledgement, a deep sense of knowing that my ‘someday’ had arrived. I had casually entertained the idea over the years that ‘someday’ I would write a book, yet it seemed to be a far-off goal, something I might do when I retired, maybe when I reached my sixties. Now is all I have. I couldn’t wait another twenty years to reach my sixties to do the things I love.

Above is an excerpt from my first book, Life Reboot. I’m writing my second book Guided by Love, and there are similar themes coming up in my life now. It’s so interesting to reflect on life. I’m curious to see what else will unfold this year. What seeds am I planting that will sprout in the years to come?

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