Dear me – a letter to your younger self

Dear me – a letter to your younger self

Feeling stress?

You’re busy. Life is busy. Most people are over-scheduled these days and have little time for spontaneity.

When life became rather stressful for me 20 years ago, Divine Grace stepped in and sent me down a path of yoga and meditation, allowing me to travel the world meeting many beautiful souls.

Yoga allowed me to go deeper into myself and helped me to understand my mind and reactions to the world. My experiences have taught me that I have the power to create my own reality by paying attention to how I feel at any moment.

It hasn’t always been easy for me. I experienced many ups and downs in my inner and outer journeys. I had to get real and to be brutally honest with myself when exploring the inner world of my thoughts, my habits, and my opinions of myself. It was necessary to go into the dark places in order to let my light shine.

Whether you are embarking on a spiritual journey of self-inquiry, or you have been exploring your faith and spirituality for a long time, it’s valuable to check in with yourself from time to time to appreciate the wisdom you have already acquired.

Exercise: Dear me

Grab your journal and a pen. You will write a letter to your younger self. You may write whatever you wish and the letter can be as long as you choose. Use the following as a guideline and feel free to elaborate.

  1. Write down today’s date and your current age.
  2. Dear (insert your name),
  3. Note the age of your younger self or a period in your life that you are addressing.
  4. What do you want to say to your younger self? Write down the first thing that comes to mind.
  5. What wisdom would you like to share with your younger self? Perhaps choose one or two topics, rather than writing about everything you have learned since then.
  6. Sign it with love. Keep the letter in a safe place. You may wish to read your letter again at some point in the future when you are feeling reflective.
  7. Notice how you feel when you are reading the wisdom you have shared with your younger self.

This is the first exercise in my book, Life Reboot. If you want to go deeper on your own inner journey, my book and workbook will help guide the way.