With open eyes and heart

With open eyes and heart

Spirituality can exist without story, without religion.

The soul is our shared living space. 

Our definition of God is the same; an infinite, all inclusive and all-embracing presence. 

Much of life is about exploration by learning to live, love and accept the variances of the mind. 

Wake up in the morning with a feeling of gratitude, thanking God for the day before you. And thank God again when you go to sleep at night. 

May God go before me and show me way. 

Every day I want to be aware of each moment. 

I want to follow the signs.

I want to be open to receive whatever is in front of me. To receive whatever is for my greatest good and whatever directs me to serve. 

I want to remove labels of ‘good’ or ‘bad.’  

The Universe is friendly and God only wants what is best for me. 

There are more lessons for me to learn.

I keep my eyes and heart open with this perspective and enjoy a beautiful life.

— An excerpt from Guided By Love.