Paraty, Brazil

Paraty, Brazil

Life in contrast

I had a strong belief that after the disaster of the writer’s retreat,
something good must be coming. I was open to life’s endless possibilities.
I was open to not knowing what was coming because that’s when the
Divine steps in.

I hopped on a bus and this led me to Paraty, which was the first time
I came across the beautiful little town. I found my dream guest house,
complete with outdoor writing space and pool. Most importantly it was
quiet and included a healthy breakfast.

After being in Paraty for a few days, and letting go of the emotional
drama that had built up over the previous three weeks in Ilhabela, my
writing was back on track. I was feeling good. It was then I realized
Guided by Love wasn’t meant to be completed in a month and it was
writing itself throughout my day-to-day experiences. Everything was
perfect. Everything was unfolding beautifully.

After three days of staying in my guest house, I decided to venture
out and spend the day writing at a beautiful Italian restaurant in the
central historical district of Paraty. The historical district was lined with
whitewashed houses, each with a splash of red, yellow, or blue paint
seen in the bricks and matching shutters. The cobblestone streets were
pedestrian friendly, although one must walk slowly to avoid twisting
an ankle on the large cobblestones. It was on this day, in the restaurant,

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