Simplify your life – tip #6

Simplify your life – tip #6

When was the last time you sat still in silence for 5 minutes and observed your thoughts? I often hear people say ‘I can’t meditate…’ usually followed by one of the many reasons why they believe it’s not possible, such as: ‘I don’t have time,’ ‘I can’t sit still,’ or ‘my mind is too busy.’ So many excuses!

Sit in silence

You don’t meditate to become a good meditator – you meditate to get in touch with yourself, to be at peace with the universe, and to be fully in the moment. You’ll simplify your life by making time to sit quietly for a few minutes each day. The benefits of meditation are many:

– Lower blood pressure
– Increase in serotonin production the chemical responsible for improving your mood
– Improves the immune system
– Reduction in feelings of anxiety 
– Emotional stability improves as you gain clarity and a more peaceful state of mind

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