Guided by Love

A journey through duality

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I found my start with Guided by Love while traveling Brazil in 2017.  It’s a chronicle of my experiences over two years, filled with immense moments of joy and pain. Writing this book has been an incredible journey of inner-exploration and has facilitated much of my healing from traumatic events.

I explore the roots of separation as we experience it throughout our lives, the process of acceptance, and the role that faith plays. I hope those who read it will be inspired to remember the fragility of life and never to take it for granted. We all know this, but how often do we connect to our spirit to remember?




As a leadership coach, Sarah supports people to break through fear and limiting beliefs by clearing the clutter of the mind, using meditation techniques that have immediate and powerful impact. Incorporating mindfulness and meditation into her own life has been essential to her well-being when navigating life’s events. She shares her story and inspires others by teaching yoga and speaking internationally at conferences and events.

She is also the co-founder of Yoga Vacations, facilitating retreats for people to explore their inner world through meditation, while traveling to beautiful destinations.

Sarah’s own journey into yoga, which began twenty years ago, has taken her around the world many times and sparked her passion to give back. She’s a proud team member of the Helping Hands for India charity, which runs a school in northern India, providing free education to over 300 children.